Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost fall

An hour ago I had tomato basil soup. It's been in the plan all day since I picked tomatoes at the weed garden :) but it just came to fruition after two long walks and a trip to Wal-mart for heavy cream. It was wonderful, a chunk of toasted baguette to go along and a couple peaches for the tasty conclusion.

Now the laundry lays on the bed...quietly boasting that I cannot go to sleep until I fold it and put it away.

The apple tree on Squirrel Spur road smells so fabulous. And there was a bit of alfalfa mowing going on today that I passed and felt that fresh sweet grass swirl about me. There was a black and white spotted dog sitting in a parked bright orange truck...and he just looked at us as we passed. Never offering to greet or growl. Patient easy rider. Bentley went pulling crazy as per the norm, but we carried on and got safely past and settled into a comfortable pace.

I was reading my Health magazine last night and I was astounded by the "girl of the week" who walks/runs thirty miles per week. I am always amazed by other people's stuff, always thinking how much better they are than me. And it occurred to me (this nibbling truth in my subconscious) that every week, I walk/run at least 42 miles and sometimes closer to 50. And I had to sit still for a minute. Me? I AM that girl. I AM even more than that girl.

The slow journey to belief in self gets some light here and there. I feel like it's been a tough past few months. Opening new doors, finding out great things and feeling sometimes terrible. I haven't been sharing it, because it feels so fragile. I need to believe in magic and so few of us do. I need the support of true believers and that is difficult to find. So, in my silence I find a bit of quiet magic and try to learn to self-support...until I feel strong enough to look for it in new places.

One incredibly wonderful thing happened in the past week or so...but it's a small part in what I hope is someday a bigger story. I will definitely write it down, once a couple more chapters become clear.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Love tomato basil soup.....i read a recipe last week that was gazpacho w/basil croutons. How yummy would that be???

Sounds like we have both been awol off and on hehehehehe, it is nice to play blogging hookey (sp).

Michael said...

Blog hockey-any relation to tonsil hockey?

I'm glad you're back, K. I hadn't realized it had been a full month.

There's a chain restaurant near me that makes a great tomato basil soup/tuna salad sandwich combo. I can't think of the name of it, though.

wednesday said...

Glad you are back. Nice to read about such a lovely day.

k said...

Dear O - the gazpacho with basil croutons sounds to die for! I can't get enough basil sometimes.

M - never thought about that combination...but I love both, so I'd try it. :)

Wed - Thank you.

Michael said...

Panera Bread, that's the name of the place that sells it.

That's been bugging me all day.

k said...

YOur panera is better than mine, because I ate there last week and no gazpacho, no tuna. I had turkey chili and a salad. I will request it in the South and see if I might have your Panera experience! :)