Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mail Check

I've been chasing the moon tonight. I saw it as I was driving home from TND, and then I went out on foot to find it. But, it was hiding and I never did find it. The stars were good company. I am tempted to drive. Tempted to be Wild. Not yet at the driving stage (which is Wild-Stage Center), I am doing the next best thing...which is techno dance music as loud as I can stand it (or what won't encourage the neighbors to visit me). This is soothing because i love it...love to dance, love the beat, love the non-thinking that it brings about in me.

There was a note in a mailbox SOMEWHERE today, and that's what has me a bit wild. I love mail...I just hope everyone else does. Again, I must protect the innocent (namely me) and keep mum on the details. But, it's the postal system that has me all aflutter today. Do you check your mail daily? I do, when I know it's bill time. But, in between, sometimes I let it go a day or two.

The stamp had a small man carrying a big heart.


Michael said...

My mother used to say that if I came home to her sprawled on the floor, both my father and I would step over her to check the mail before seeing what was wrong.

That's mostly untrue. :-)

Like my dad, I have always checked the mail daily. I subscribe to a lot of magazines, so the mail is somewhat important to me.

k said...

Love that! THanks. :)

wednesday said...

I fear I will be one of those old women who peek out the curtains every five minutes to see if the flag is down on the box.

In Scotland they still drop it through a slot in the door. I love that sound, the little metallic creak that lets you know the world is calling.

k said...

W-I love that sentiment. YOu seem like a true mail lover as well. There's not enough good mail anymore though. I remember when there used to be letters in the mailbox every week, and now I get one straggler every few months or so. It's becoming a lost art and that makes me sad.

Leslie Shelor said...

I rarely get anything but bills, and lately the mailman is unreliable, so I'm not going out to check the mail every day. But I never open the box without a shiver of hope that there will be something special!