Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cactus Flower

Well, I am heading turf, different folks, same moon over different sand. I am excited to get away, enchanted with the idea of the wild west. Planning to visit the Georgia O'Keefe museum while I am there. Going with an old friend who will be fun to travel with. We are low maintanance girls, and seem of the same contentment. I haven't had the time to research the trip the way that I'd like to...but there's a lot of fun in not knowing. I was able to get the house put together a little bit today, pay the bills and get my clothes packed. Of course, Mr. Bently is fretful...wagging his stub of a tail and running to an fro, afraid I will sneak out on him I suspect. He acted crazy in the snow today...running and digging and throwing himself around. He is such a lovely soul.
I think I am just looking for some new thoughts, new sites, different perspectives and beautiful mountains and landscapes. I was thinking today that people, places and ideas sneak into your life when you least expect them. I mean, maybe you've always been expecting them...but one day they are there in disguise. I am thinking most of two friends of mine, who are (I think) falling in love. And I can't say I am shocked, but I can say that the packaging didn't quite reflect the contents. It made me realize how little we do know about the great things. How much we anquish over the bad ones, try to find our way out of them, try to get better answers. But, the amazing things, like love or friendship or hope or faith. Those things come in the strangest packaging sometimes, blooming innocently into themselves and making those of us who are watching, realize that we haven't guessed all the tricks. We don't know how every story will end. And I, in my infinite ignorance, say...yea' God! I so love the idea of being surprised in sweet ways, in soft ways.

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