Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quiet thoughts on New Hampshire and Ms. Clinton

It's a quiet night. Warm like late spring, and a hazy fog hangs over the night. So, the lights in town (not many) put off a colored haze and the trees stand tall like onyx statues. I heard on the evening wind a pot clanging softly against a shed. It made me think of a cow bell, but there are not cows in our field across the way. I turned on the television this night, for a few frenzied minutes and saw all the stir about Hillary "almost" shedding a tear today in New Hampshire. Asked "how do you do it..this life, this job of politicing...how do you keep it up?" And Ms. Clinton's reply was that this country offers so much, and she couldn't stand to watch us move backwards. I think there was more...but they didn't show it entirely. The question now seems to be, is Clinton weak because she shows emotion? Did she stage it to show human responses? And who knows? I'd like to think that someone who will put themselves through all this to lead a country that is so disturbing, and try to retract us from a war that we have struggled with since its initiation...would have to take this effort (to be President) seriously. I would like to think that it means everything to her, because she is certainly having to live that way. And I say this, not because I know that I will vote for Ms. Clinton...because I do not know that at all. But, it is a relief to see something after watching our current leader's lack of compassion about everything. This man looks at multitudes of death and his face registers what one might express when choosing a brand of cereal. So, yes...I'll take some emotion about getting us out of the mess we are in, paying attention to the rest of the world, and trying to lead us all in a new direction. It means pretty damn much to me.


Jane G. said...

"This man looks at multitudes of death and his face registers what one might express when choosing a brand of cereal."

That's so funny and so very tragic at the same time.

I've opted to view her tears as sincere and it wasn't a difficult decision to make really. If nothing else, she must be exhausted and deeply frustrated right now; both conditions certainly make me cry.

k said...

Yes...her "outburst" fits all description of humanity. At least that means we have one on the ticket.

Jane G. said...

"At least that means we have one on the ticket."

Ha! So true.