Monday, January 7, 2008

A Fly in the Soup

It's the almost end of another Monday night dinner. The "cuisine" was Italian. Trinity made Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread. I did stuffed own concoction with almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto and various cheeses in the ricotta/sour cream stuffing. I made a stuffed bread with peppers/onions, Italian sausage and mozzarella inside. Leslie likes that one. She brought a lovely salad with wonderful fat tommy-toe tomatoes and baby bella mushrooms. Josh brought half a blue cake. And LaNita (Leslie's mama) sent us the most delightful molasses and apple butter cake. It looked like pancakes stacked up in a beautiful way. We all loved it best. We talked a lot about communication or lack thereof...and it got me to thinking. Do any of us ever really understand each other? Or do we just make do with what we get? I think that loving is always about accepting a lot of stuff we might not want to...but are we really in the dark about everyone? Do so many mechanisms of self-preservation kick in that we really never find out the truth about each other? About ourselves? It's an interesting entertainment of thought...though not quite as hopeful as one might have desired.


Jane G. said...

Communication Theory tells us that the message is in the receiver. Whatever we mean to convey is at the mercy of the person receiving the message and we really have no idea how it is processed, what influenced the interpretation, and what form said message ultimately takes.

I think we're not necessarily completely in the dark about other people but I do think a lot of acceptance and compromise comes into play in order for two people to engage in any sort of relationship.

That all sounded a lot more deep and meaningful in my head.

k said...

Laughing. (Hi Jane!) It's interesting, isn't it...that one might spend an entire lifetime trying to evolve into the person they will be, and yet may never be truly known by those closest to them? I guess it is what keeps us all ticking...that mystery of the source. I don't mind it myself...the mystery. But lately, I see around me much struggle over making the compromises needed to live with that mystery.