Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wed nes day

I am waiting for the sweat to dry in my hair so I can wash it. I don't know if everyone is like this but if I wash when it is wet the amount of frizz multiplies by 200. And I can't handle more frizz.

The moving still seems to be my mode of healing. Tonight was a walk night, but we ended up running. And it felt good. I haven't been riding the bike as much. I am having a seat problem and probably need to ask dad for help. He is one of those men who knows how to do everything. There are not men like that anymore...have you noticed this? He is also one of those men who watches out for you as a woman, "don't lift that, I'll get it". Now I know this can be frustrating. But, I am around men every day that will let me work myself into the ground and barely do what they are supposed to do themselves, much less lend a hand. So, I enjoy that in my dad. Plus, I am no small potato, so I don't get too many people who think I can't handle a heavy load. I'm built for it, but sometimes I want to feel girl-y. And my dad makes me feel that way. I know a lot of petite women who will go through you if you try to help them, or think them weak. So, I think it's all about where you are coming from. Which is to say that while I enjoy it, many would don't use me for your defense if you get told off.

Today has felt sorta hectic. I think that's mostly work. But, I find myself at 9:30 thinking where did the day go???

It's time for a shower. I know this hasn't been breath-taking, but I'm just trying to get back into the groove.


Michael said...


I have that latent Spencer Tracy gene, too-I hate to see women struggle with things. I am usually left at the side, impotent, trying to help without really helping.

I have a coworker who is currently expecting, and she's one of those types who almost doesn't want to admit it-not a super girly type. At first, she laughed at me and said she could handle everything. Over time, as she has grown more round, she tends to let me help more, but it's a grudging acceptance.

k said...

"groovalicious" - you crack me up! Thank God there are still a few of you out there!!

Leslie Shelor said...

Seems like men and women ought to be thinking about helping each other AND accepting help, no matter what. It's nice to be needed!

And K's dad is awesome in SO many ways!