Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cicadas and grasshoppers and crickets, oh my!

Tonight at dinner there were four of us. My work friend brought her friend and we met a mutual friend at a new restaurant called Raphael's. There were a lot of saltines as garnish, but otherwise the food was lively and good. Our food came on plates, but we saw other folks get big platters of shellfish, paella, pork and onions. I thought, and said, afterwards that you must need to be in the "know" to get the cool stuff. Our plated food was nice...but again, the saltines. They came with the salad, and also with the crabcakes. And for the life of me, I can't think what saltines have to do with crabcakes.

Talking about saltines...I will say this in their favor. If you ever find yourself in NYC, go to McSorley's Bar. There's a pot-bellied stove, an Irish mojo and one of the best appetizers you can get with two pints of dark beer. They send out a sleeve of saltines, some white cheddar sliced, thinly (see through) sliced onion and HOT HOT HOT mustard. And you spread a bit of mustard on that saltine, layer cheese and onion, take a bite. It is a steamy heaven that screams for the beer chaser. Love it, every time.

Anyway, my work friend...who is a friend, a real friend. I always have trouble making that connection with people I work with...but I could find no one dearer. So, she is the artsy cool type. Her friend was a farm girl who is now a city girl and loves to cook. And our mutual friend is a new friend to us...but a teacher and a little scientific minded girl-woman. And she spurts always the most interesting ideas. Tonight, it was the eating of bugs. The next evolution. Possibly the only way we'll be able to eat in the future.

And I wonder could I do it? Could you?

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