Monday, March 3, 2008

I don't like the Osmonds.

Sometimes I don't like things just because someone says they are good. I can be that petty. Or ambivalent. I'm not sure which category, and for that matter they may be synonymous under the right conditions. My friend and I are trying to eat healthier. Not diet (hate the word/concept/idea) just be more aware of what things are made of, what substitutions are added to make up for "no fat, no sugar, no gluten" etc. We are across the hall from a woman who drinks green shakes on a semi-daily basis. And so, when she snoops on one of our morning conversations, me telling a tale of kale and oily fish, she has to tell us exactly what is what. And the thing is, we never asked. Now normally, I would enjoy educated feedback in this area, because I am a lazy bore when it comes to researching the food topic. But, I don't like it when people take over the conversation and act as though they wrote the book. So, after she left the office, my friend and I looked at each other and said "know it all". And I swear to you that if I owned one, I'd be eating a twinkie in front of her tomorrow. Stating in no uncertain terms that CNN prescribed it as the power food of 2008. Just to make her run and google little Debbie. I'm that mean sometimes.

Then, I get home and turn on the tv, and the Osmonds are having a 50th anniversary show. And I realize they must be old, but they look no different. They sound no different. They are the same. And I still don't like them, although I'm sure there are a zillion reasons why I should.

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