Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life with a clever canine.

My dog is camera shy (comes by it honest). But, one of these days, I will capture (and share with you) the look that he gives me when his water bowl is empty. It's priceless, basically because it proves what I have quietly feared, he is smarter than I am. Part Australian cattle dog, and part something else (someone said Akita) his facial expressions do more than undermine my authority over situations, they downright flag me.

So, when the water bowl is empty (and this DOES happen more often than it should), he will go and sit beside the bowl. Sometimes he will lick the empty bowl for a good four minutes and then sit. I guess it depends on how A.D.D he thinks I am at the time. But, he sits beside the bowl, and he rotates his head to the right and stares at me sideways. It isn't an intense look, but it is an attention getter. And if I could translate what the look said, it wouldn't be in English. I imagine the following (and bear with me, because I haven't had foreign language of any sort for 20 years.

"Was es das?"

"qu'est-ce que?"


"qu'est-ce qui te prend?"

"me gusto poco que."

"Che cosa stai cercando di ottenare?"


Someday, I'll get the photo opportunity, and you'll see just what I mean.

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