Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Grapes of Wrath

I began the day making muffins, and ended it drinking wine straight out of the bottle. Sometimes the best laid plans still fail you.

The muffins were wonderful. Banana pistachio walnut made from scratch. Muffins are the only baking endeavor that ends on a positive note for me...because I like to go my own way with cooking and baking is a much more conformist art. So, cookies turn out like sugary weapons, cakes become pancakes and pies...well, they brew over and cover the oven in a gooey mess. Muffins then, are my only friend in the baking realm. And they turned out they do.

I finished a muffin for breakfast, took the dog for a medium walk, and came back to a phone call from my NC friends. Frantic, they were trying to tell me that there is a convict loose in the tiny town where I live. To top that off, it's already a foggy rainy day (usually one of my favorites) but a little dreary crime scene like, and gloom and doom began to descend. I decided to just start cleaning, get my mind off of it and move on with my day. But, somehow, the cattle dog was tipped off by my internal fearfulness, and we proceeded to spend the day with him going off randomly in barking fits (my dog, bless his big heart is so quiet by nature, that this was quite alarming). So, that I put my vacuum down, heart beating, and try to peek down the steps to see if someone is at the door. Looks clear, so I tiptoe down the steps and go around the house half-bent over to make sure no one is around. This happened many times. So, stress level built and built and built.

I got an update call a couple hours ago, and they said he (the convict) had been seen in the town next over. My friend who called said he knew the guy and went to school with him and he was a very nice person. So, aside from the fact that he stole a car and shot an officer, he is a great guy.

This did ease my unease...but I still had wine for supper, straight from the bottle, and really, I think it's better that way.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Those muffins sound quite yummy....i love pistachios. I don't like wine....or I should say that i have not found a wine yet that i like or likes me. I LOVE to cook w/it but I hate to drink it. I know, I know....I am an oddity in this grape guzzling society. It just all tastes like cough medicine to me.

k said...

I work for a winery...and I love wine, which is fortunate. I have to say though that I began to drink it somewhat grudgingly years ago. And I was just determined that I would love it, and I got there.
I took my vacation this year in New Mexico and went to a pistachio farm...they are so yummy! And I love changing things up a bit. Thanks for commenting!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I posted the espresso brownie recipe if you are interested. my recipe site is:

LOVE New Mexico....pistachio farm would have been a blast. I love trips where food is involved.

Very cool job working for a winery. How fun is that!

k said...

Well, thank you! I have checked out your recipe the pasta recipe from yesterday (or the day before). I will go back and find the brownie. I don't drink coffee but I love the flavor of it in ice cream or cake. Odd, I know. :)

Yes, I LOVE my job. It is a cool position. And a wonderful place to work.

Michael said...

The first paragraph is one of the best things I have ever read. Wow. Says so much, even if it was literally true.

k said...

It was "literally true". Thanks, Michael. Loved your comments on the list. I've never understood baseball, but it sounded passionate.