Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring blooms and kitty tails

I just saw these gorgeous blooms when I pulled into the carport. Now that I actually leave work before dark! Banjo (pictured here on the woodpile) doesn't know yet, but we may have just one hour ago signed on for a new kitty. He was at the vet's office when I picked up Mr. Bentley. He has been abused, and the shelter has no space for him. So, they will pay for him to get fixed, barring any feline leukemia findings, and just need to find a home. He has long hair, and looks scared. He has lived outdoors, so we can take him in that case. I think his name will be Magi. It just came to me in the car. She's (Ms. Banjo) gonna hate me for a while. But, I saved her from a similar fate, so that's the story we're sticking to when she pins us in the corner, teeth and claws ready for battle. Wish me luck.

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