Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 6 of March 2008

The day today was gorgeous. I sat in the middle of the dirt road by the church with dog and cat and just let the sun shine all over us all. It's days like these that begin to make me look forward to summer, longer days and more time after work to enjoy walks, gardening or just being outside. I planted pansies on the porch and picked up an Easter garden flag for my flag pole. I want to do raised beds for some plants this year. I want to put boxes into the water wheel building and plant little flowers to bloom there. I want an herb garden. I didn't make the time last year to do it, plus I was moving up it wasn't really convenient. I'd like to get a picnic table for MOnday night dinners. I want to start a hiking group, so I'll have folks to go hike with. I still want an ice cream maker so that I can design my own flavors, like cardamom and ginger. I guess I'll have to plan a party at some point, or Dan the winemaker will drive me insane about it.

It feels nice to begin thinking of summer tasks. Putting firewood away for the summer will be nice. I love winter too...don't get me wrong. But days like this, put you in mind of sun warmed porches and fresh lemonade.

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