Monday, March 31, 2008

I love...

the sound of rain on the roof.

the smell of garlic cooking.

seeing the kitties play.

enjoying a nice glass of wine.

a fabulous meal in a hole in the wall place.

walking on dirt roads.

getting lost (briefly) in the woods.


cheesecake of any kind or flavor, plain and simple or ritzy glitzy.



the icing on cake.

fresh figs.

climbing mountains.

sleeping in hammocks.


reading and writing.

all sorts of other things.

What do you love?


Jane G. said...

Baseball, science, words.

Michael said...

A base hit back up the middle that the pitcher throws his glove at as it flies by.

A hard ground ball just inside the third base bag that the third baseman gloves, his momentum carrying him into foul territory behind the bag. The third baseman leaps high into the air, releasing a long, arcing throw that just barely beats the runner to first base.

The sound my nephew makes when he discovers the sound something makes when you bang it against something else.

The feeling you get when you close a book and appreciate the layers and nuance and subtleties of the journey the author took you on, and the pang of regret you get when you realize that there aren't any more words, that even if there is a sequel, it will, even if it is as good, not be the same. The feeling that you will never, ever, read this book for the first time ever again.

The kind of inside joke that makes absolutely no sense to anyone other than the person who was there when you experienced it together. The kind of joke that, even if you just whisper the punch line to each other, can set you into the kind of gut busting laughing fit that leaves you literally aching and gasping for air.

The feeling you get when someone else reacts to something exactly the way you do, that tiny acknowledgement that you are not as alone in the universe as it seems.