Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby Showers's over.

Why did we have to talk about cloth diaper cleaning?

A lot about being fat?

And birth processes?

How do you eat at the same time this is happening?

I'm not meant to be a good friend to anyone who needs showers. I can throw a house-warming party. I'll take you out for your birthday. But, this bridal shower (let's save all the bows and make a bouquet!) and then baby shower (let's have cake while we talk about diaper contents) stuff is beyond my capacity. That is, my capacity to endure. I love my friends, but find friends with husbands and babie to do this for you. I am the single friend. I am the one that you can complain to about the husband, the babies (once they are old and dating the wrong guy). I am the shopping friend. We could see a concert, take a weekend trip.

I'm not your girl for gruesome. Even if it's cute gruesome, or cuddly gruesome. It all ends up making me want to lose my lunch in the end.

(I told you I was in a bad mojo, do you believe me? I'm beating up on babies for God's sake!)


Jane G. said...

Hahahaha. I so feel you on this.

Of course, I don't want to be responsible for any event at all but I for sure lack the appropriate enthusiasm for wedding and baby showers. I unwisely opted to go baby and maternity clothes shopping last night with pregnant friends and it was grueling. I had some fun but my attention span was breached an hour into the 5-hour ordeal.

k said...

I'd like to say that there's no way that I would end up shopping five hours for baby clothes...but I would. That's how I ended up giving a shower...even though it's something I know I'd want to say never to. I guess it's a 30something reality, but it takes the wind outta my sails too.