Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A "Dish-y" Review

Because I have definitely screamed loudly in my life about bad service, I intend to inform you here of good customer service. I moved 6+ months ago, and just before I did, I put my dish network on "pause" (which is the wonderful ability to hold service for up to 6months and then have it turned back on at no charge). It's winter and I am broke as usual, so when I got the notification that dish was turning service back on (my 6 months were up), I called to cancel my service. I didn't want to have to pay to have it hooked up at a new house, I didn't want to have to pay the big bill every month, and I get a couple channels fuzzy...so I can make do. I called, and of course, I got put on hold while I waited to speak to a supervisor to cancel my account (of 6 years with "pauses"). It did take a while (but this was more like 4-5 minutes and less like 20+ which I have waited in other situations). Finally, I am greeted by supervisor "398" who I tell that I want to cancel service for right now. And she offers to "pause" me again...but I tell her that I am in a lean year, so it wouldn't really help, but thanks. She then offers several local channels, no "fuzz" for $6.03 per month...and I say 'that sounds interesting...I might actually see what Gary Sinese looks like these days'. So, then I tell her the sad story that I have moved, my remote no longer works...and I am CERTAIN that she doesn't want to help me when I am only sending her $6.03 per month. But, alas, I am surprised. She says, "Let's try to turn it on there" and we do for a long time, but it's not working. Meanwhile, I ask her about the remote and she says, "I'll send you one" and I say 'how much for that?' and she says, "we'll waive it" (which probably means it was free anyway...but I am coming from the days when you had to buy the basic package before you could get anything else and that was $29.99). Next she realizes that I must be missing vital parts on the dish, because all our efforts aren't working. She says that she'll have to schedule a technician to come and replace the part and I say "ewww..how much?" and she says, "I'll waive it"...which I know this doesn't usually get waived because when i spoke with them last summer...there was a charge...and now I'm only giving them $6.03 a month...which didn't used to be something they would even let you do! I thanked her for her patience and good will efforts...and felt, just for a few moments, that sometimes the world is working in your sandbox, adding a new balcony to your castle, or extra drawbridge to your moat.

I had to share it...these instances are far too few!

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