Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A list of sorts

I like the segments of my life. Walking out to Hannah's big cage with hay and pellets. The way the dog sits on the top stair and reaches his front paws to a lower stair so that his face can be level with mine as I come up the stairs. The short sentences that it sometimes takes to communicate with those close to you. And the long paragraphs it takes to begin to know someone new. I like that at times, when I get still...I can actually feel the silence around me. I enjoy so much the stub of a non-tail that Bently has and watching it to see what mood he is in, or how he has gauged mine. I like that work finally seems to be settling into a pace that feels positive. And I like that it is soon my birthday. I try to think what wishes I will put in front of me...better yet, what intentions. Some of them will be about simplicity, while others will be about new sources for fun, for living a better life and loving more. I secretly am wishing for new walking shoes. I need them...these that I have are so worn out. I am making a commitment to massage or something chiropractic for my aching neck. And another intention to find people to do fun things with more often. I love my work...but it can be all of me. I don't think I want that anymore.

I feel like I'll turn a page this February 28. Anything just might happen. And the thought of that seems absolutely sublime.

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