Sunday, February 17, 2008


Flowerpot sleeper
While March day
You snooze on pink steps.

Elegant interchange
Between carbon and sustenance
Light reflects
Your image in the door.

Do they see you?
Driving by on pavement
Rushing through the day
And think, how sweet?

What will grow beneath you?
Push against your purr…
And become green
Or even ripened?

In my best guess
It would have been a mole
Who discouraged the seeds
That April planted.

Instead it is you
Like feline destiny
Who foils the flower
And steals the afternoon.

There, however, is a sweetness
About the tiny heart
That beats against
The fertilized soil.

I imagine grass
That grows around you
Catnip to riddle you
With its fragrance.

Kitty siestas
Quietly hidden
By summer’s fruits
And clay walls.