Friday, February 1, 2008

The Love of a Spotted Dog

Here's the great thing about having a dog...well, there are many. But, one of them is that you can dress him up with beautiful sweaters made by your friend Leslie. And although, he ADORES wearing a sweater, he hates having his picture made (see human family genetic code). So, this is a perfect expression for says, "damnit, I said no the first leave me alone!", well to me anyway. And it's not a great shot of the sweater, which is what we were shooting for. Leslie would like one (so we'll keep trying). But, he is such a funny little fella. We went out into the ice storm this morning and a huge branch fell to the ground maybe 150 feet in front of us...which made Bently run to me as if the sky were falling. I'll tell's just like the beauty of a child without half the work of one. I recommend a dog to everyone, and encourage adoption. There are so many that need homes. And this dog, my Bently, he is just so eager to please (except when it comes to photos) and has learned quickly to be a wonderful house mate to all my needs for quiet and being just plain left alone sometimes. It's funny how they pick up on things like that. He is tremendously loving, but just not a dog that keeps bothering you to pet him. If you have a space, give a dog a home. If you have lots of space, give three dogs homes (thanks, Leslie). And kitties too. (oh! and sorry for my finger in the photo...I'm no Adams or Stieglitz you know :)


Jane G. said...

Good grief, what a cute dog.

k said...

Well, thank you...I think so myself!!