Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Shoes

I bought these two years ago, when my friend Angie and I were in a Pay Less and these shoes were like $3. They have 4inch heels and being so very far from a Victoria's Secret or Playboy...I thought "I'll never wear those!" But, I loved them and they were THREE dollars! So developed the idea of birthday shoes. They are more blue turquoise than green (look green in my photo) and they have sparkles ALL OVER! I can't stop staring at them every time I wear them...which has been thrice. My birthday last year, Josh's birthday last year, and tonight for the big 39. When I put them on...I am all about being festive. Like Wonder Woman's blue shorts, Batman's cape, or Jeminy Cricket's tie...these shoes transport me into someone who would be fabulous enough to wear them. So, they are keepers, and I recommend that everyone have a pair of birthday shoes. If you can get sparkles, they are so totally worth it. :)


Jane G. said...

Nice. Happy birthday, too!

k said...

Thanks Jane! I had a great night out with friends...probably too many Margaritas, but I'm fighting the free radicals now, so.