Friday, February 15, 2008


My friend Kari called me yesterday at work. We are same age, same single. She has five best friends who are always trying to fix her up. Kari's one strict requirement is that the man must be tall. She says yesterday that her friend called to tell her she had found someone to fix her up with. And Kari, gets a tiny bit excited because we all do...but her friend says, "he was married twice, two kids, (and here's the humdinger) he lives with his mom." To say the least, Kari was disappointed...telling me that her friend explained herself by saying, "he's tall....?"

I guess the resources are drying up.

So, here I am with another Valentine's day behind me. It kills me that I am always so hopeful, so believing in the potential of the universe to through me a curve ball. And it never happens. I can take responsibility for this in a zillion ways (I am a wretched human bean after all) but I won't. I did get a wonderful heart box of candy from my boss and friend, sweet Nora. Angelina sent me an e-card. And so, I was remembered in loving ways. I am thankful for that...because without it, I would feel truly sad. Instead, I kinda want to kick Cupid's ass. What is that little guy doing? Why doesn't he ever come my way? Maybe it's the disguise...he knows I'm not into babies. Therefore babies with wings and arrows might be that much less appealing. He could be rational about it, but nothing of his demeanor would make me think it. I mean, he flys around shooting arrows at people and making them fall in love with each other. There's nothing rational about that occupation whatsoever. So, I have to think that he's ignoring me...for whatever reason. And therefore, I meet every holiday with a joyful hope and get let down each time.
So, as far as I'm concerned...Cupid should be laid off his position until he can get some real work done.

Try again next year, buddy...with a little more enthusiasm!

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