Friday, May 30, 2008

Carrie, Big, Samantha, Dante, Charlotte, Rose, Miranda, Steve, Manolo closets and more

Well, I saw it. More importantly, I LOVED IT!! And I will see it again. Because it must be done. It's just what this girl needed. The saturation point of girl-y-ness. The dresses, the clothes, the shoes, the tears, the gab, the ganache, the sex, the boys, the truth, the libations, the swash, the buckling and the friendship all called me right out of my hum-drum-hum. And I feel healed! I truly do.

It hits that part of you that's just all about being a girl. That unavoidable piece inside that gets teary at simple moments (no laughing at me, Kari!) and rejoices over champagne, great shoes, love stories and the belief in love stories. Connection with other women. Friendship in that "sometimes I really hate you" way of being close with a friend. And romance in that men are men, women are women gutteral type of way. Success in that "by God, I'm figuring it out" type of way.

I love being a girl.

(Thanks Kari for choosing me over the fabs - it was a great day to share with a true friend like you are to me.)


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I never watched the show....I am one of those weirdos, I guess hahahah.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I did, however, get Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2, and 3 from netflix this week and am totally stoked to relive my teenage years.

Michael said...

According to NPR, they are making a Beverly Hills Cop 4.

My wife and I have watched the show from time to time, certainly not obsessively. I will probably see the film, at some point. (My wife has been on an anti-movie theater kick for a while now, for reasons I cannot readily discern.)

I actually enjoy the show, more or less. The writing was top notch, and it certainly didn't hurt to have such eye candy in nearly every scene. (Although Kristen Davis is by far my favorite, followed by Cynthia Nixon.)

BTW, Greg Behrendt is a VERY, VERY funny (not Eddie funny, but then again, who is?) standup comic who used to write for the show. His CDs and shows are highly recommended.

shadwell said...

Gurllll.....your review of the movie was great! I had such a good time and no one was hurt in the making of the decision to choose you instead of the Fab 5 :-) love ya, sista K