Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I wanna be loved by you...Boop Boop Be Do

Well, I believe that I am partially arisen from the dead-dog-dead that I have been. I still get up and walk my two miles, but rather slowly adding 10 minutes to my overall time. There are physical tasks still to accomplish that I am avoiding - the yard (like a jungle) the house (like an asylum). I will get to them, I just haven't yet.

So, the movie was a success. We had over 100 people, and tickets sales from 90 people paid for the event, so my profit was just over $20 (of course, there were food and wine sales to add to that). I wanted to keep the ticket price low at $5, so I needed a high number to do that and pay for the flick and the movie guy. I made it, which thrilled me. It was nice to offer something affordable for a change. I believe that most of our events are in the common guy/gal range, but I loved giving a big break. I hope a lot of people who needed it, got a cheap date for the evening, or just a night out doing something fun. It looked beautiful on the restaurant lawn. I took photos, but they are too dark to put on here (I've tried). There were more than a few people who hadn't seen Some Like it HOt ever, or in its entirety. And they were surprised at how clever it is and how riskee. So, that leads me to plan a movie for labor day, and I am considering Hitchcock, or something along those lines...the fall mystery. I love Rear Window. Our assistant winemaker voted for North by Northwest. I like the Birds and Psycho, but I think they're too much with the birds' pecking and the shower scene. Have to keep things pretty clean. Then, we got off into other favorites, my co-worker mentioned Little Shop of Horrors, which I like but not sure folks will follow it well. Rocky HOrror Picture show, which I love...but it's way too campy for us (meaning the winery, not me). I mentioned my favorite all time spook-y flick which is a comedy (because I cannot truly handle horror) Young Frankenstein. And everyone went crazy over that idea. It's such a great movie. What do you think? What would you like to watch as fall approaches outside in the dark with other people? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Winemakers' dinner was phenomenal. I tend to think I was just a bit too tired to really "get" it because I didn't rave about it the way everyone else did (and by that I mean returning customers and winemaking staff). There was a wonderful pimento buerre blanc sauce with a petite beef tenderloin sided by morel mushrooms. Grilled salmon in a red wine reduction. Asparagus with a citrus sabayon and balsamic reduction, pork snitzel with cheese grits and a Calvados brandy sauce. Smoked trout salad. A wonderful bread pudding with a hard cider sauce. I liked our French affair last SEptember much better. Of course, the pairings were a little more edgy and I like that type thing. These pairings seemed a bit more peaceful. We did do a red with the salmon, not a Pinot (which is very good) but rather a blend that we call Liberty. It's a light bodied red like a PInot, but it involves the Cabernet fRanc grape, the Chambourcin grape and a bit of Petit Verdot. Other than that, the pairings were fairly safe. I enjoyed it...a free six course meal should never be scoffed at, especially when our Chef is involved. I just thought it wasn't as exciting as last season's was.

As I get older, I am struggling with how to give breaks to myself. I feel tremendous guilt about the yard and the house and yet, I am unable to do it...just worn completely out. I think after today (day two of healing after long weekend) I should be able to work on one or the other this evening. But, that idea of go go go is becoming a difficult one for me to master. And I think guilt is the most useless emotion. Normally, I won't harbor it at all...but just this time I am having a hard time letting myself rest up/heal and get back to "normal" feeling before I begin to beat myself up for all the things that need doing. I guess we are all this way...so used to going crazily. But, I am less able to do it, so I figure I better find a way to not mutilate mentally while I am at rest physically. Any suggestions there would be appreciated.

I guess I better head in the direction of work. I've got a popcorn machine waiting to be cleaned, wine to return to its rightful location, and so much paperwork to wrestle with. Taking the end of the week off though, so definitely looking forward to that. I have to get over to my garden, it's been growing without me!


fashionaddict said...

It sounds like a great event, I would like to have been there. It's the sort of relaxed good time that I never seem to find here.

And there shouldn't be guilt involved for resting! There's a big difference between resting and lazing.

k said...

It was a great evening.

I am trying to get over the work yourself to death idea. It's pretty ingrained though. Thanks for drawing the line...it gives me a visual on rest versus laziness.