Monday, May 5, 2008

Farmers' Market in Arlington

A carefully chosen handful of these beauties for Jane. She will turn them into poetic black and white photos or colors bent by the afternoon sun of a warmed window.
Aren't these jazzy gorgeous??? I so wanted to buy some, but couldn't make them suffer the hot trip home with me. I imagine the tiny nuances of flavor found in each shade, and the fresh infancy of their sweetness.

Each tent was so beautifully set up. These folks really have their act together. I bought amazing Kalamata bread. Just had two pieces toasted for breakfast. Also bought the most fabulous cookies from a cookie maker who lets you sample every flavor! How decadent is that?
I bought a beautiful charm at a jewelry place that Jane loves. Really nice people all over the place and they all loved Jane. It was a sweet wandering.


Leslie Shelor said...

Great pictures! I really miss seeing this kind of farmer's market!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I love tuna salad on Kalamata bread. To die for. Those look like Easter Egg Radishes??? I bought some today for the 2nd time at Fresh Market. They are sooo yummy w/some kosher salt. They give you very nauseating burps though.

k said...

Obsessed - I am going to try that for lunch today! You've inspired me for tuna and kalamata bread. I just love the's so wonderful. I never knew that term "easter egg radishes"...I just thought they were beautiful. Can definitely do without the burps!