Friday, May 9, 2008

Ten Things

1. I wish that I could read all the books that I cannot afford and are not carried in our small town libraries. Like this one.
Or this one.

2. I kinda love riding my bike, even though it is still kicking my ass!

3. Last week at this exact moment I was sitting in the DAR constituition hall waiting for Eddie to come on stage, and talking about the couple conducting music two seats ahead with my friend.

4. I hope that I can grow cilantro this year. I love it the most for herbing, and I am the worst at growing it in the garden or pot.

5. If I could go back in time, I would visit Italy, more specifically Florence and sit with Botticelli for a while. I would wait for Caravaggio to come onto the scene and I would risk sanity to know him. I would ask Michelangelo what he meant by the Sistene Chapel...what he dreamt it to be before it became what it is now.

6. Beets are one of my favorite things...and some people tint their lips with them!

7. I wonder who I will meet tomorrow and what they will know that I might choose to learn.

8. Magi, the yellow cat, is one of the funniest guys I've yet met. I swear he could do stand up.

9. If you add maple syrup to turkey and bake, it tastes just like ham.

10. If Mother Goose could have upgraded to a designer shoe house, I wonder if she would have?


Michael said...

One of yours reminds me of a Steven Wright joke. Steven Wright or the late Mitch Hedberg, I can't remember.

1. "I was in a diner, and they said that I could have breakfast anytime. So I said French Toast. During the Renaissance."

2. One of the great things about listening to a live track is hearing a sax solo or guitar solo brought to new heights by the live performance. I'm listening to Mark Rivera tear up "New York State Of Mind" as I write this.

3. Standup comedy is hard to do well, but is enjoyable even when done only somewhat well. Kind of like pizza.

4. Watching sports on TV really gives you no idea how hard it is.

5. I'm not sure if I understand people who don't like sports, even a little. It's the only thing these days, it seems, where the outcome is not predetermined.

6. "Runaway Train" by Elton John and Eric Clapton, was a really, really good song, even if it was from a crappy Lethal Weapon sequel.

7. I don't understand why some people are so critical about movies. I can think of very few movies I've ever seen that I didn't enjoy at least a little bit.

8. The world is being run by B and C students.

9. I am simultaneously terrified that Barack Obama is going to win the nomination, and that he is not going to win it.

10. One of the things that makes basketball on TV so enjoyable to me is that it's so visible. A lot of the beauty of baseball (which is still my favorite sport) is lost on TV.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I love beets also....if you eat too many it turns your pee purple....and if you forget that you ate too many beets and you pee purple, you panic and think you are dying because your are peeing blood and then it dawns on you like 5 minutes later AFTER you have called the nurse hotline that 2 days ago you overdosed on swiftly hang up the phone.

I am currently growing cilantro in a pot. I have a black thumb. It IS growing and tonight I snipped some and used in on our bbq chicken pizza's that I made on the big green egg.

That's all I got.

k said...

Oh thanks! How much I enjoyed reading your ten things, Michael. It's funny because I feel the same way about this election...not quite safe with either decision. But, God, we've been unsafe for so very long now.

Obsessed - good luck for the cilantro. It's always a pill for me, a yummy flintsones vitamin pill, but a pill nonetheless. Yes, I have done the beet pee alert more than once. :)

Michael said...

"Beet Pee Alert" would be a good name for an alternative rock band.