Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday is for fighting

It's a soft morning after some pretty savage storms. Living on a mountain, I don't really worry about tornadoes (we used to live in Michigan when I was a young girl, so I've seen tornadoes) but the lightening was making strange sounds and the rain was beating at the roof like an angry acupuncturist (do those folks get angry?)

I love soft mornings. The way the wind feels. The green of the grass still wet, still happy to have survived Mother Nature's wipeout.

My office mate headed to the sea last evening. She deserves it SO MUCH, but man am I jealous! The ocean always brings me balance, and although I don't feel so very out of whack, I could use a tune up. I'll go at Christmas, I always do. It starts me out right for the new year.

Found out yesterday that if you are an asshole and a Chef, you can cuss the president of the company out and still keep your job. They probably even offered him more money, more perks. And I've been saying for months, this guy will never stay. Yet, they hold on to the hope of him like it might become a reality. All I know is that if I pulled that mess, I'd be on the sidewalk before you could say dumbass. Sorry to be mean...but it's a situation that grates my last nerve, and it will be meeting me at the door bright and early this morning.

That being said, I should shuffle on in that direction.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I lived in Arizona right up at the base of the Huachuca Moutains. It would lightening all the time...apparently some mineral in the rock in the mountains attracted lightening. I loved that. It was like heat lightening all night long. Sooo pretty.

Leslie Shelor said...

I spent yesterday evening with two dogs almost entirely in my lap. They usually aren't frightened but last night really freaked both of them out!

Hope the day went well!

k said...

I do love a storm! Last night was strange though, even for me. At the end of each lightening strike there was this splitting sound and squeaked and felt a little crazy.

Leslie, Bent was a bit nervous too.

Michael said...

I have a 12 year old who is still petrified of lightning and thunder. I think at least partially he is afraid of the power going out and thus having nothing to do, but part of it is genuine too.

I like the sense it gives me of my own insignificance. Part of it is genuine fear, too-I spend a lot of my life being scared, but it appeals to the fatalist in me, the fact that there just isn't a goshdarn thing to be done about it. Just sit there and take it, just like our forebears have done for hundreds and thousands of years.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I have a 19 year old....our power went out for 2 hours 3 weeks ago during a storm. He actually came out of his room and down to the kitchen and complained how we were "AMISH" for 2 hours. He had no computer and was in serious w/drawal.

k said...

Wow...this new generation, huh? So, tuned in all the time. I too, like to be unable to do as I would sometimes. My car broke down for a couple weeks years ago when I had no way to afford to fix it, and my boyfriend at the time told me one day as he passed me walking home from work that I loved being forced to do things the old way, that I enjoyed the state of car-lessness. He was mad of course, because he wanted to "save" and drive me and I wouldn't have it. He was right though, I loved having to figure it out, go back to a place folks used to be before my history.