Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Celestial abodes

There are times when I find great comfort from a vision. You know how folks tell you to visualize your life, your intentions? A friend "persuaded" me to come home with the video tape of the SECRET, and I will share my thoughts with you once I see it. I will say that I threw the book away after 5 pages. I don't know that I have ever been so fiercely put off as to throw away a brand new book, and this one was a gift from a very good friend. So, I was not loving the book. And it felt like a piece of propaganda to me. They all are...I do realize this, but some folks actually believe in it before they try to sell it. This book felt to me like a sell first. Like someone sat down and said how do I sell a book, cd, audio, lecture series, etc, etc. And came up with this book. My friend says that the video is much different, she has read/seen both. I am critical, but my friend is gushing over it, so I will do it if only to share an experience with her.

So, visualization. Which I do believe in, by the way. I think that you can see life through a rosy pair of spectacles or you can mark it off day by day tallied in the mud. But, I've not done a lot with visualization. It can be too hokey pokey for me...and if you knew me, that would mean more. I am so into growth and spiritual change, that it's hard to scare me off, or make me the skeptic.

To get to my point, one of the only visualization projects that I have ever enjoyed came to me while sitting on a hay wagon in the field one evening when I lived on Round Meadow. I envisioned myself living on a star. I "built" a home there, I had books that I loved, my animal friends and a tiny paper cup connecting me to the folks that I love back here on earth. Removed from the stress of my life, or the need to find a mate, make more money, grow my own food, balance tires, meet deadlines...well, it was more than heavenly. As far away as I am sure I would be on that not very bright star that I chose to live on...the worldly things are no longer my concern. It brought a new element to star-gazing, and now when I find myself at it, I search for my star and think of myself there.


Michael said...

Very pretty.

Visualization troubles me in the same way that prayer does.

There is an unspoken dark side to it that says, if you don't get what you want, you didn't try hard enough or you weren't worthy enough to get it.

Mind you, a lot of smart and successful people-Manny Ramirez, Scott Adams-swear by it. So there may be something there.

I feel like, as Scott Adams seems to think, the visualization does not literally make the good things happen, but it instead puts you into a mental place where you can see opportunities and take advantage.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I second what Michael said and glad he wrote it so I didn't have to hehehe. I have become more positive over the last 10 years of my life and it has been a struggle but so worth it. Everyday above ground is a blessing regardless of your battles or your blessings!

k said...

Michael, I think that's a good way to put it. I was just this minute thinking how I never feel as if I have gone through enough to deserve peace. There are always countries at war, people hurting and dying, folks without jobs, and I feel like the prices I have paid along the way might not be enough. I do think that seeing the potential for change, improvement, etc is what helps you to discover it. Thanks for sharing.

Obsessed, I too, enjoy so much the way that Michael puts thoughts together. I don't consider myself a negative person by any means, but I am a thinker. And that means that it is difficult to live life simply. I have found great comfort in simplicity, but I only seem to be able to live there for short periods. I spent many many (most) years of my life believing that I didn't deserve to live, and I am just not coming out of that idea. It is amazing to feel differently, and sometimes overwhelming too. Thanks for writing!

k said...

oops! obsessed, early morning writing...I meant to write "just NOW coming out of that idea" rather than not. Sorry...not editing myself well.