Saturday, April 5, 2008

Looking in from out.

I was thinking today how life comes in two view is the up close in my head ultra personal and the other is stepping back watching it like television being in love with the characters ultra safe personal. And I wish I could do more of the second and less of the first. It seems like everyone at work is struggling with this. And I have had one up on them, since in the past three months I have worked hard at changing my perspective on things...mainly changing my perspective on me. But, also work. I decided one evening that I would no longer dream about work, which I did night after night. And once decided, there have been no more. But, it was a decision as strong as "I will go to work" or "I will take a shower" or "I will walk the dog". One of those decisions that you make without making it...most of the time. It is a routine rather than a choice. Of course, you can vary early, or stay late, shower early or shower late, walk the dog right or left or now or in an hour. But, you will do them. This is the same mentality that I have been using for life and work and it's working. But, I still lose focus. I feel like the race lately is about losing focus. And I love it when I step outside myself for a couple minutes and view the scene that I am in. I have a great job...I LOVE the people I work for and with. I have fabulous friends, and spend time with them consistently enough to feel like a part of their life, and them a part of mine. I am happy with my animal suits me, allows me a lot of freedom, but holds me accountable to a commitment about love and respect for other life forms.

When I step outside myself, it all looks not that bad. So, I want to get better at this, view from the side dish. It certainly gives the day's entree a totally different flavor.


Michael said...

Funny-one of the characters in the book I blogged about, "Beautiful Children", says that she can't cope with life unless she views it as if it were happening on the big screen.

Who would play you in the movie?

Me, I'm thinking John Hodgman physically. Kevin Spacey ideally.

k said...

I don't know John Hodgman, but after reading your blog entries I could see you as Kevin Spacey...the same quite whit and scattered sarcasms.

Who would play me? Maybe the girl from my big fat greek wedding. It's interesting to think about. I am much more brooding and complex than she is...but we fit in other ways.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I always look at things as.....everyday is a good day (even if it is a bad one) is too short. If you aren't having good or bad days then you must be 6 feet under and that can't be good hehehehehe.

Michael said...

There's a baseball player from the 1940s who once said (I'm sure he's not the only one who said it, but he's the one I remember):

"Any day that starts on this side of the daisies is a good day."

John Hodgman is "PC" on the "Mac vs. PC" advertisements by Apple Computer.