Thursday, April 3, 2008

A few good things and a couple bad ones.

This is the great thing that I read today about the new Miss Surrey, who is the first plus-size contestant to run for Miss England. I love Kate Harding...she is so sharp, so funny and so passionate about equality.

It's rainy today and I'm more nervous than usual. At work today, they said that the criminal roaming around this small area will have to come inside as it has gotten so cold and wet. Of course, Bentley is on he is barking and I am dousing lights and grabbing the phone. I don't like living this way...but think about the millions who do it every minute. I am so fortunate, and I do realize that. But tonight, scary is just scary.

I had my review today at work. Always a nerve-wrecking time for me. I do well, don't get me wrong. And you cannot sneak up on me with a complaint or criticism because I can analyze the hell out of everything I do, and I know where my weakness lies. It was a good review though. I heard a lot of good things. And the not-so-good but not bad things were exactly what I had on my goal list to focus on in the coming season. I came away from it feeling clear-headed, knowing that I am on track with the company and we are all seeing me move in the same direction. That's refreshing. And I usually don't HEAR the good things. I lay them aside and focus on the bad ones. Didn't do it so much this time. Kinda let a few of the good things seep in and keep close. I love it, but it can be such a stressful job and I forget sometimes that I can be really great at it. It was nice to be reminded.

I think that's all I have to share this evening. Leftovers for dinner...but marvelous iced mint tea. And rain...lots of rain. Let me know how you are....


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

How do you make your iced mint tea. I could drink cold tea all day. I loathe hot tea. Just mainline tea into my veins and I am happy.

k said...

It's so simple that I'm embarrassed to even say it since you are the cook extraordinaire. I have done it the harder way by chopping mint and putting it in cheesecloth, blah blah. But, I just buy mint tea bags and usually blend with green tea bags and do tea the way you'd do it, bringing water nearly to a boil and then letting bags steep for a few hours. I just got tired of normal tea, and decided to branch out. I am a tea girl. Then, I sweeten it the way I choose. I love it, especially in the refreshing!