Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing much...

The air is different today...and if I were a girl without allergies, I believe the wind might be scented. I catch a whiff of something idyllic every so often when my nasal passages clear enough to bring oxygen all the way into my brain.

I got off of work today and stopped by the garden and planted onion sets. I have no idea really why they call them "sets" because they are singles and I didn't count them, but they aren't priced as a set. Someone will know this answer...share it, if you do. was so therapeutic to drop by the garden after work. Even though I went in late was a kinda stressed out day. Not bad stress, just stress. And the unwinding of putting your feet in red mud and hacking at the earth and then nestling baby plants into it...well, pretty darn wonderful if you ask me.

This is the last brutal that I mean seven day week at work. And I had planned to take a couple days off next week before my DC trip (going to visit a friend and we're going to see Eddie Izzard...I'm just so excited!) but it is not to be. There's too much to get done to have less than a four day week. So, maybe the week after, I think. Maybe.

I don't have any tall tales for you. I feel a bit content, oddly enough. Just satisfied. Not coming off the walls and not tearing at the walls, just content. And I really like that feeling. It's not full of expectation. It waits for nothing more and fears nothing less. It is being, which I think is our truest state. My truest state.

Well, I should wash the red mud off of me and try to get some rest. Big weekend ahead. And then, Eddie...counting the days!


Leslie Shelor said...

Sorry you're not getting the time off you need, but there's Eddie to look forward to, hurrah!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Our ragweed here is HORRIBLE, I am getting stuffed, post nasal drip and dizzy spells from my ears being plugged up. I have had it...this has been going on for 2 weeks!

Michael said...

Eddie rules.

He gets up out of bed, rules all day long, and falls back into bed exhausted from all the ruling he had to do.

k said... are sooooooo right!

Obsessed - it's insanity, right? I am waking up just to sneeze, and once that happens FORGET about sleeping!

Michael, Eddie so totally rules! He rules cake, death, Italian motorscooters and all elements of executive tranvestism. He is the creme de la creme and all things holy to my sense of humor. I just can't wait to see him live!!