Monday, April 21, 2008

For Kari

Thank you...

for reading my blog and saying such amazing things.
for loving all kitties and Shaddy in particular.
for being beautiful, smart and funny and way too good for all the local men we know.
for being a member of the Fab 5
for loving your parents to pieces.
for driving and spending money on gas to meet me in Christiansburg (I know that it was difficult to fit into your sensible mind's eye).
for being dear and kind and gentle.
for being sarcastic and making me laugh buckets.
for making breakfast casseroles.
for having great long chairs with ottomans.
for helping me shop for furniture.
for loving the facts of life two hour movie as much as I do.
for having a huge crush on Eddie in October Road because he is gorgeous and loves a curvy girl.
for having a best friend who is a hawt singer in a rock and roll band.
for lemonades always easily drawn from your refridgerator.
for being able to run your own show.
for your willingness to write down directions for me EVERY time I hit your side of town.
for putting up with me being me.
for not tolerating people behaving badly.
for reminding me that I work for a family-based company and exactly what that means.
for making time to meet me for lunch any time I travel through the city.
for asking about the spotted dog, even though I know you are only truly interested in the cats.
for saying "noooo, girrrrrrrrrl" when I pick up something horrible on a shop along.
for donating money to abused horses and now kitty food every month at the shelter.
for having a great aunt, who reads books that I love too.
for sharing blooming onions at outback.
for shopping cheap outlet stores with me, when we both know you are a belk or macy's girl at heart.
for every molecule of who you are.
for every minute of your friendship.
You are cherished goods, my lovely friend.


shadwell said...

Oh my word - I love it! My first dedication....I feel honored and almost speechless. I said it before and I'll say it again - you are an awesome writer so keep blogging.

k said...

YOu are so deserving! Love the blog name!