Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Habitual Hesitation

Well, I'm hitting the heebie jeebies that I always get when heading off into new territories. I've been all kinds of excited about it, until now, when I try to put outfits together and think about all the people, the beautiful people and then think how I'm not gonna be right for that beautiful people place and then...well, you get it. And at some point, I will swirl until I ask myself why I planned something in the first place and then I will try to think about how I would feel if I didn't go...and at that point, I will finally begin to climb back up. Realizing that not going would be extremely disappointing and I would remember that decision for a bad long time.

But, I"m not there yet. I'm still in the "are you sure you should do this" stage. I've never spent time in DC that I wasn't working. I'm so excited to see the city at night...I love the lights against the sky I know so well. The people watching will be wonderful, and I do so enjoy that. And I get to see a friend who is quite lovely. And beyond all those great swell things, there's Eddie...and as my friend Michael would tell you, Eddie Rules!

So, I'll be fine. I'm sure I will be.


Jane G. said...

It's really not possible to be wrong for DC. Don't worry about it.

Michael said...


I've never been, but I am confident there's no dress code for pilgrims to the Temple of Izzard.

Have a great time.

k said...

Oh thanks, Jane and Michael. love the "pilgrimage to Izzard's temple" visual. :)