Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First date night

Well, I have to give you a preview of the night ahead. It's now Tuesday night dinner. And last week I began a crazy addition with the new camera doing action shots in odd ensembles. Tonight is Trinity's dinner night. His theme is "first date", and he is cooking from the cookbook I gave him for his birthday "Skinny Cooks CAn't Be Trusted" by Monique. I will probably make the onion pie, some smoked trout dip...not sure what else. We are supposed to treat this like a first date meal. He asked me to bring my camera and we'll do a "shoot" at the dilapidated house on his property. I suggested old timey first date shots, and I don't have an old timey dress (which makes me sad...LEslie probably may have one) but thought we could do some chaste scenes on the front porch.

Oh, the silly things one looks forward to! Check back later...hopefully I'll get some good fun shots to share with you!


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Those theme nights are always so much fun. I am having a Cinco De Mayo party on Saturday night and can't wait!

Michael said...

Miss Monique RULES.

Not as much as Eddie Izzard, but she rules nonetheless.

She has a comedy DVD she does at a prison that I managed to catch at the very end of a Showtime Preview Weekend. It was AWESOME. Extraordinary. Funny, but heartrending and real too.

k said...

O - I told my friends about the Cinco de Mayo party and they said, "will there be tequila?" Don't worry, they won't drive that far. :)

M - I do not know as much about Monique...I'll have to look her up a bit. I just knew that Trinity has a bit of a crush on her so I bought him the cookbook.