Monday, April 7, 2008

A Dedication to the dirt road

My dearest friend dedicated a song to me and this blog. She found it on a cd by Lucinda Williams and gave me the whole cd. If I knew how, I would link it here. I always think it's funny how people think of you when you aren't around and they have no reason to think of you at all. It is a gift of abundance that exceeds words. And I love it when it happens and I get to find out. Here are a few of the lyrics.

Lucinda Williams: "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road"

Car wheels on a gravel road
Low hum of voices in the front seat
Stories nobody knows
Got folks in Jackson we're going to meet
Car wheels on a gravel road
Cotton fields stretching miles and miles
Hank's voice on the radio
Telephone poles trees and wires fly on by
Car wheels on a gravel road.


Michael said...

Isn't that GORGEOUS? Simple, profoundly beautiful, and yet you're THERE-you can see it, and more important, you can FEEL it.

In this "Six Degrees of Separation" world of ours, I had never heard of Lucinda Williams until Pearl Jam covered "Crazy Mary".

k said...

Yeah...I agree. It gets back to the music thing doesn't it? How a song becomes part of your hour, and then it leads a thought to someone and connects you and if you follow that, you let them know and you are forever connected by that tune. Of course, some song connections you only want to forget, and find yourself changing the station quickly lest bad memories creep in. But, this was a gift.

I like Ms. Williams voice and the lyrics are fabulous.