Friday, April 11, 2008

A walkabout

Following kitties at play. Banjo spying her brother. He doesn't care though, if she does see him first, he will still pounce, she will still hiss and then smack him. And this is the way that it goes.
Sitting by the pond again. It's so warm but overcast and the trees still look wintry bare. I thought about telling you I was in Africa and this an elephant's foot. It's close right? I love seeing the roots of things.

Brother Magi. He's so so handsome, I just can't keep my camera away from him. :)

A bit of bud break. At the winery we are worried about Chardonnay. Last year this same thing happened, bud break and then a heavy frost. It took the 2007 vintage from the state of Virginia. We are all thinking and not saying, "oh no...not again."


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I would have totally believed that was an elephants foot.

Beautiful cats!

k said...

I know, right? I thought it was the coolest thing! Thanks...the cats are so much fun to watch. The black and white one is older in age and time with me, while the little apricot guy is 2, and new to our home. They crack me up, but seem to be starting to tolerate one another.